Friday, August 20, 2010

Prelude to the fallen hero

It all started in 2002, been almost eight years now.
But feels as if it all just happened yesterday.
Outside college, smoking with friends, the unexpected appearance,
the sudden disappearance, the last rickshaw, the bus ride home.
That's when i experienced my 1st debacle. the first time i had a fall.
Since then, year on year, one experience after the other and the time and again
it started piling up.. until the time i thought  "hey loser..!! why not sit down and write it up..."

I started writing thing down, experience, incidents, occurrences, observations
as to how the failed always fail.. again and again.
I believe it is not luck or destiny which defines success or failure, but it is in my hands
to decide my fate... but how much time do i have in hand...

Disclaimer : What the fallen hero is not..!!

  • The fallen hero is not some fantasy character who will win eventually and everyone will stand up and clap loud after paying through their noses earlier for the multiplex ticket and popcorn.
  • The fallen hero is not a motivational character who will motivate those, down with "demovitatilitis". People sulking about how life was ungrateful to them and how they missed the last train and had to piss on the tracks.
  • The fallen hero is not some fictional guy i dreamt up about after having crabs for dinner.
  • The fallen hero is not someone, you will not identify with.

Then who is this guy......??

The fallen hero is just a plain simple guy, who wanted to be something, but couldn't do it....
he had his up's & down's. high's & low's, he used to be sad after every debacle, but eventually he realised that it's not all that bad down here. Here, where all the other fallen heroes reside. Practically everywhere.
As per my economics, for every hero there are about 27,02,1982 fallen heroes across the world.
Strange isn't it. and the irony is that nobody writes about them.
There is not a single  movie o a book,
Not even a damn website about those who tried and lost....
So here i am, this fallen hero here,
blogging everyday occurrences, experiences, incidents
through the eyes of the fallen hero.

About : 99% is in my blood
Every person wants to give 100%
In sales, we might be forced or compelled to give 110%,
but usually when we fall down, before standing up again,
if we analyze the situation ourselves, lying there on the ground, we shall realise that we did
not put our 100%. There was an iota of lesser effort from our side in whatever endeavour
we were engaged in or pursuing.

This happens first time. After repeated such falling down instances, we usually get used to it,
and half-heartedly try again to get up, try not to get noticed, try not to be a laughing stock again, try not
to fall again... but in vain, we never get up again....
and 99% get's in our blood.

We try very very hard not to fail...
but we never try 100% to win.

Warm Regards,
The Fallen hero
99% is in my blood.



  2. Firstly, Thanks for your comments.
    Very good observation indeed...