Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The chameleon within...

The Evolution
There is a theory, according to which, we evolutionalised from apes.
Meaning, that first there were monkeys and then after some fucking time we came...
What a way to arrive, and what a past to arrive from.
This theory is called the "Darwin's theory of human evolution"
But do you agree this theory... just because they told you so...
Just because they taught you all that in primary education.

The belief
What do you believe in...??
Something which they taught you in school so that...
One day you would become a big successful person,
whom everybody would just love and respect. How long back was this then..??
And have you become this big successful person whom everybody just loves now...

A simple thing. 
Close your eyes, clear your mind and remember your school days...

How many lies did they tell you back then...
Negative and negative will give you a positive. Lie.
Negative and negative gives you an even bigger negative.

Be a good boy and Santa will leave you a gift near the christmas tree. Lie.
the better you behave the bigger gift you get.

God will punish you if you don't listen. Lie.
God punishes me any which ways.

Quantum Physics, Paranormal activities, Our history, Our religion,
About faith, hope, trust and even fuckin dope.
They lied about a good bunch of things...
Darwin's theory of human evolution was one of them.
Our primitive years were filled with lies, suited to the convenience of elders.
They fuckin lied their ass out, because it's a part of being who we are.
There was no invention of certain things. Brain, heart, penises and pussies.
They were always there. There was no invention of lying.
The pursuit of telling the biggest lie was always there.

I am gonna stop this lying around now. Shed some light and weight now.
Let's start from the beginning, let's take it from the top.
Let's start with evolution, with monkeys,
Let's start with Darwin.

The theory of chamevolution
thefallenhero's theory of evolution.
Personally, i prefer to call it "Chamevolution". sounds more like shamevolution.
We did not evolve from moneys.
We evolved from chameleons...

A chameleon is a type of a lizard which has the ability to change colors. It has been given the ability to survive in the weakest of conditions. right from rain-forests to deserts. They are highly intolerant and have very poor listening. The have a very strong sixth sense and love attention from the opposite sex. They have big egos and shall fight till death for territory and supremacy. But most importantly they have a unique ability to change colours as per the surrounding environment and in self defense can strike back almost thrice it's length and wound their victim in an instant.

How many times since school, have you seen people changing colours...??
No, i am not talking about the colour of their skin.
But how many times in the past have people shown you their true colours.

Nowadays, people show their true colours instantaneously.
As if the paint bucket is ready and waiting to be spilled out. As if it's holi 24x7.
In a flash, in a battling of an eye lid, in a second,
Just a second here....

The Mega Make-up Party : all are invited...
What the fuck do you think is this.
Is life some mega halloween party, where everybody is wearing a mask.
Whatever happened to identity. Is our identity just limited to an email id.
Why the fuck are we afraid to show our true colour from the beginning
There's nothing wrong in it, it is just the fuckin way we are.
That is just the fuckin way i am gonna be...

Are we going back, is this so called evolution, actually re-evolution,
Are we becoming chameleons again and blaming it on peer pressure,
recession, ever increasing demands,a couple of more drinks,
complication of needs and wants, fuckin mood-swings.

Have we forgotten who we actually are. What's with all this make-up.
Make-up for office, make-up for home, make-up for friends, different make-up for parties, no make-up before going to sleep, full make up after getting ready.
You have a reason we have a make up ready.
Fake: This all fuckin fake. I just fuckin hate it. This make-up is ugly...
and it only get's uglier from here on...

My Make-up...
I chose this way...
I chose to be the way i am and i am to be held completely responsible for it.
No make-up is still make-up. This is my make up, in your face and up your ass.

No: i think this is all bullshit. This is all non-sense i am writing...
This whole fallenhero thingy, is just a farce, it's someone's bad idea after drinks...
Bad things usually cling on, bad ideas usually work, Darwin's idea did...
Darwin was right, we did come from monkeys. We still like bananas & cheap thrills don't we.
This is my makeup.

The chameleon speaks...
I have just one question. One simple fuckin question.
Have you come across people who actually change colours.
Change colours so fast, that you fail to recognise them later.
How easy is it to forget something, how easy is it to delete something,
Monkeys jump at things and climb trees, a chameleon waits... 
Monkeys have a quick memory but the chameleon never forgets.
Wait, i think i am changing my colour now.
I need a make-over. Where the fuck is my make-up.
When will you show me your true colours...

100% natural, 0% makeup
1% logical insanity with 99% still in my blood.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The short skirt story...

Yuh toh mere nazaron se kuch chooktah na tha,
Yuh toh mere nazaroon se kuch chooktah na tha.
Phir kaise yeh maal maarke, maal ke nashe main, maal hi haath se nikal gaya...
Aisa nasha that ki short skirt bhi na dikhaa,
Aisa nasha tha ki short skirt bhi naa dikhaa...

Aap aaye, batlaye, ek jhalak dikha kar, gaadi ka darwaza patak ke, chal diye...
ek ek kar ke saare dosth khatam ho gaye, bas ab kuch hi baaki the...,
Mujhe laga ki yeh kissey bhi khatam ho gaye,
ek baat bolunga cheetey, "baal baal bachch gaye..."

Nau may ka woh din tha,
Sooraj, chaand aur taare
what the fuck, ek lag rahe the saare
aisa na tha ki "zhindaaghi khatamh ho ghayee.."
par aisa laga ki kuch alag tha... kuch kum tha...
Saala maal marke, maal ke nashe main, maal hi haath se nikal gaya..
aisa nasha tha ki short skirt bhi naa dikhaa...
Aaj baat kar ke thoda achcha laga...
Aapka andaaz thoda.... sachcha laga.

Did i sound a bit senti up there,
shall cut the short skirt shorter here,
will not get caught again, just got caught dead.
you know i have a lot of international followers
who will not understand jack shit of what i just said.

But then this is not for everyone
dedicated to a very different person, maybe a special someone
remember that thing about 100% attention,
when we fight, when we argue, squabble and in an ego tussle,
kitchies and huggies shall have total immunisation...

Been over 5 years now, but i think i know you only since last 3 days...
a good friend can help in many ways,
for most of us here, life has been hell
you made me realise that i need to break this shell..

The shell may or may not go, but i wish you will stay,
we may or may never come closer or be near..
ok then, we finished the third pitcher...
can you order some more beer...!!!

Warm Regards,
100% for life, 10% after death, 
0% in commitment, 99% till my last breath.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My mirror tells me...

That i have solved it.
I have solved the answer to the biggest question ever.
Personally, i don't have any answers, i don't even know the question.
But my mirror believes in me...
and here's what the answer is...

Life is simple.
Life is so fuckin simple,
But then...
Who has complicated my life...
Who has given me tension, stress, pain, misery...
All the head-aches and the heart-aches...
Why do i have to relieve myself with all these fuckin aspirins and purgatives.
I asked an old friend of mine,
He tells the truth, only truth, and nothing but the fuckin truth.
His attributes involve precision, accuracy, legitimacy, genuineness, certainity and reality.
Fat people hate him.
I call him "The Mirror"
Aaina, sheesha, or an object with at least one reflective surface.
There's more to a mirror than meets the eye. Period.

Reflection reflects reality
When i look in my mirror,
i realise...
I am the fuckin reason why my life is in a fuckin mess. Period.
Let's take the example of Mr. Mukesh Ambani  (CMD Reliance Industries)
The son of Dhirubhai Ambani's, living in the worlds most expensive residence
he has achieved the... (all that has to be desired)
He stays at Antilia.
Antilia is the name of a twenty-seven floor personal home in South Mumbai belonging to Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire Chairman of Reliance Industries. There are 600 full-time staff to maintain the residence, which is considered the most expensive home in the world...
achieved the...!!!

Factually speaking...
Now this is a fact...
I can endorse it, if you trust me that is...
There is a poor man staying at the signal outside Antilia in South Mumbai.
He stays there is a shabby hut (called as jhopda here in mumbai). with his family.
His family comprises of his wife and three kids, elder son, then daughter and then a younger son. Poor man wants to sleep, eat, etc... Has the same needs as most of us. Same needs like you and me. Some pondering needed here...
Does he worry that his children might be kidnapped
not for money but for business rivalry...??
Does he worry about his elder childs 's diabetes..??
Does he worry about mafia calls and scanadalous balls...??
If he has food in his stomach, does he sleep peacefully...??
what are his needs and what are his wants. Just think for a second here.

An equal opportunity
All of us...
All of us have been given an equal opportunity..
Health, Wealth, Social, Educational, Spiritual and i don't remember the sixth one..
Must be sex or something... Anyways..
All of us have been given these six pillars in equal proportion.
e.g. Someone may have more of wealth and less of health, someone may have more of Spiritual and educational but less of wealth and the permutation and combination continues.
What we need to realise here is how much do we need to be happy.

One question.
Can we differentiate between a "Need" and a "Want"..??
We reach happiness when the wants increase and the needs decrease...
This is really deep.... Just think.
"A need is something which we need for mere existence and a want is something which we desire... The wants should increase because that keeps us driving. However, we should never forget that our need is actually the fuel in driving this car called Life".
Get it now...

Needs and Wants
A 3 month old baby, drinking milk...
plastic bottle, glass bottle, silver bottle, gold bottle, diamond bottle... mother's tits.
Does the baby bother...
Does the baby think what containers other babies around are drinking from.
Does the baby bother what Mukesh Ambani's baby drank milk from...
Does the baby bother about peer pressure, social stigma, expectations from others.
The baby eats when it wants, sleeps when it wants. Sleeps peacefully... just like a baby.
The problem arises when we try to sleep like someone else....
When our wants become our needs...

Just a thought...
I have a Myti-smart Mirror
My mirror told me all this...
Why don't you look into your mirror and tell me...
What does your mirror tell you.

99% is in my blood.