Sunday, March 13, 2011

One fallenhero...

The following is an excerpt from an online conversation
between my friend Agastya Vodka and me
                                                                -- thefallenhero

The Prodigy
By god... oh fuck... or is it just plain luck.
The luck factor (if i may say so) is that we conversed.
You seemed to be an intelligent person. you used to write before.
You have it in you to be the prodigy. I can sense it. Trust me. i am not selling you bull shit.
"The Prodigy" is all in the mind.
It is just a perception and if you are not a prodigy...
All you have to do to be one is change perception.
"Strike a Balance"

I am no smart-ass, just thefallenhero. not the bad-ass, just a dumb ass.
The intelligent and the dumb now know each other.
The prodigy and the fallenhero now converse.
That's great, this is good news,
the pockets are soon goona be filled with coins.
It's just a wait now.
A wait for the first coin...
But every coin has two sides, and here's the flip side.
Agastya, you seem to be adding all the possible fallenhero's (atleast on facebook).
I won't take this further and i have decided to turn it into a post called One fallenhero...
Not that i am gonna make you famous, not that it's gonna make us famous,
not that i have the ability and the capability
to make someone or for that matter anyone famous.
I am not a complete non-sense, i am "the absolute non-sense"
Rejected by google adsense.

Just to prove a point, Vodka.
That's the name i will refer to you as...
(the only other reason being i used to love VODKA as a kid)
30ml Vodka and 300ml FANTA, 330ml of pure eternal bliss. That's how i started...
Shall we begin now...??

The Flip Side
The flip side is that there can be "Only One Flip Side".
And i am this flip side.
I am not any flip side, i am "The flip side"
One should only have,
one fallenhero as a friend. as an aquaintance, as a conversational counterpart.
One life, one take, one stage, one act, two sides, one is yours, the other one shall be mine.
One fallenhero, theflipside, thefallenhero. Period.

The Decision
You decide. It's you life, your decision, your stage, your take.
You are the lion here, but remember you, yourself are also the ringmaster.
Don't wanna mess you up now.
thefallenhero is a pretty complicated concept in itself.
Don't think anyone would like to handle two like me,
one at a time ( if the other one is worth it, that is)

Final Thought
You must be thinking, i am crazy,
i'm one fuckin piece of piss drunk, third world country fuckin shit.
The answer is "i am".
At 27, i have seen it all...
Being smart is not all that difficult. Being stupid is.
Decisions are easy to make. Impulsive indecisiveness is intricate.

"My experience starts where most imaginations end"

But, a decision is a decision when made at the right time. Now, is your time.
I am the fallenhero not because i think it's cool.
Not because of cheap thrills, not for hot dumb blondes in short skirts with frills.
It's not a choice. It's a result of non-decisiveness.
i am thefallenhero because i couldn't decide.
I just couln't fuckin never decide.
I have 99% in my blood.
Yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes. Oh yes, maybe i think it is a no.

Cannot have another one like me. Cannot let you become like me.
Then you would make the same mistake which i made. Then what is the point.

Dime a dozen, kilo ke bhaav se.
Cool, smart, dashing, big talks, deep thoughts, saving the world, living on the edge...
Excuse-me, That's the stuff what heroes are made up of.
All that shit is resered for heroes only. Authorised Personnel only.
We are discussing fallenhero's here, aren't we...
No rules and i have got nothing to loose. Get the point.

Final thought again, i changed my mind again...
I am not saying that i am the the best fallenhero,
the only fallenhero, the smartest, bestest, coolest fallenhero,
the most kick-fuckin-ass fallenhero.
No, I won't say that here, not at this point.
Not because i don't like competition, but because
(1) they have no chance and
(2) don't wanna mess up more prodigies.

A fallenhero is thefallenhero or there is no fallenhero.
there is no farce, there is no imitation, there is no disbelief, there is no unjustification.
A hero cannot be a fallenhero just because he thinks it is cool.
Fuck you. Fuck the heroes and fuck all other fallenheroes. Period.

It is clear in BLACK & WHITE ......fuckin shit, even my white is grey.
i invented this shit.
i don't care if it remains mine or somebody copies it or whatever the fuck does with it.

You decide. It's you life, your decision, your stage, your take.
You are the lion here, but remember you, yourself are also the ringmaster.

"I, once had a chance to roar like a lion,
                       but i chose just to remain as the ringmaster"

for no matter the percentage of imitations,
99% originality shall always be in my blood.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prelude to Gyaan


I like to start everything with think,
Not because i work at Think out of the box,
Because i think a lot...
Because it is the singularly most important endeavour that i believe every individual should involve oneself before taking any step or INDULGE-ing in an other endeavour.
Think once. Think once before everything.

There is a saying which goes as
"An arrow leaving the bow and
                  A word leaving the mouth cannot be taken back"
and that's exactly where the problem arises.

People talk without thinking
and why the fuck does anyone leave the arrow without thinking.
It could hurt someone. Moreover, It could kill someone.
Not that i care about the the dead or soon to die (by just a fuckin arrow)

I care about what i say and about who i leave the arrow on,
Who is my next target...??

And above else, and most importantly,
Thinking costs nothing.
It's Free...

Think, all you want,
No charge, No tax, No VAT, No shit or shat, No shoot, even if it did, i care two hoots...

You gotta think before everything,
Every breath you take, Every move you make... You gotta think...

Think to impress others, Think to save your arse,
Think for a raise, Think again...

Think you are an actor and this world is your stage...
Think first, act later,
Why do you think there are more actors than thinkers...

When i die, i would rather be known as a thinker, than an actor,
Better than that,

I would rather be know as a fallenhero...
I thought before saying... i died saying something important. Period.

A fallenhero who has the guts, the balls... to think... to Think out of the box

Why is it always...
"There must be a better way of doing it
               Vs This is the way it has always been done here..."

Ex-cuse-me.... there is a better way of doing this.

If i wouldn't be so drunk now, probably i would have been on a stage..

Motivational Gyaan,
Taking motivational sessions for sales people, for marketing people, Teaching them,
Helping them in selling More stuff to More people for More money.... More often.
Making them understand the finer things in life...

I know all that shit,
My concern is that it's all bull-shit...

I ain't no motivational speaker,
I have 9 followers now... and i dont even know 6 of them...
I don't want followers....

What i want is
"Don't make the mistakes i made..."

If we make the same mistakes which our friends made... then what is the point.

What is the point of friendship, What is the point of conversations,
What is the point of my experience, What is the point of our conversations and my blog.
And what is the point of education and ejaculation.
Sorry, i just missed a point there...

In short,
If you make the same mistake, which i made,
Then what is the point in befrinding the fallenhero...

Trust me, in my lifetime, all of those 27 years, i have made a hell lot of mistakes...

The only difference here is that
"I am not afraid to accept my mistakes..."

I drink, i speak a lot,
I say the truth, people get hurt,
Lost a lot of friends this way,
But it still continues.

I smoke a lot, gonna spoil my lungs,
Gonna get cancer one day, but i don't care.

I lost true love, never gonna get u back Dha***,
No regrets, I don't care. I really don't. Period.

I lost a lot of money, Never in investments,
Never wasted it on myself, Never on Luxury,
Only on others, who never cared.

No regrets, No fuck-ups, No hard feelings,
No hang-ups, No excessive baggage,
No fuckin bull-shit. I take onus of my shit.
When it comes down my ass,
I have the balls to wipe it out....
Now, that is really dirty.
It is, it really is...
Life is dirty, and Thinking is even worse...

But how will you know. Unless you don't try.
It's like marijuana, you gotta try to enjoy it.
I tried it once, i thought....

When my dad almost threw me out of the house,
When i flunked in my fybsc. That was like hell.

But it was that incident, that Saturday...
When i slept at the beach all alone,
That's when i really did it for the first time.


Seen a lot of shit since then, experienced a lot of gyaan since then.../
Gyaan (in hindi) means "Information",
which i will give in the following series called "Gyaan"
I will post it once a month.
I will cut it short now.

I am an expert in certain aspects of life and this pertains only to people in INDIA as of now.
As i have been just a tourist to Australia, United states of America, United Kingdom etc etc so far.
So lets start with India, my country, my homeland.

In the forthcoming months i can post on the following
(1) Taxation in India
(2) How to crack interviews
(3) How to get higher salary packages by fooling HR
(4) How to do nothing but still be percieved as important at work
(5) How to get work done from your team without doing anything at all
(6) The art of never taking credit for anything
(7) The art of never doing anything and saying it aloud
      (having the balls to say to BOSS, "I DO NOTHING")
(8) The art of spending at the right moment
(9) The art of working at the right second.

and millions more. Make than ten millions.
I have first hand experiences at millions of such short-cuts.

But Rizwan once said,
" $@m**, the shorest distance between to points is a straight line..."

This is something i follow.
But i am the fallenhero...
Do you wanna be me, or be someone great.

Fuck me, let's make you big... real big.

Let's make you big. I am a selfish asshole,
Then why do i want to share this Gyaan with all other arseholes.

"If you make the same mistakes which i did,
                                                              what is the point".

I am starting a new section from now on called

"Gyaan : _______ whatever"

Let me know what you wanna know about and i shall tell you my experiences about it.
Let you know about it,
Not through google but through true original experience.

Trust me. I am the fallenhero.

Let me be wise again
Let the fallenhero rise again...

for even if i give my 110%,
99% shall always be in my blood

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fallenisms : March 2011

Fallenisms is a completely non original piece of dark side of the human satire or otherwise. Copied, ripped, pirated, flicked, translated, hacked, derived, assumed and imitated short takes on life through the eyes of the fallen hero…
Fallenisms now in it's 7th month, 7 being a lucky number, i will try to give Fallenisms : March 2011 a new positive approach... maybe an optimistic outlook, or even better, maybe i will not. I will keep it as it is. Because nothing is original, Not even me. Not even my ideology. Not even my mere existence. Atleast that’s what i tell myself month on month...                                                                                                  
                                                                                                     -- The fallen hero

I was born this way.
             But mom says "Not to worry, god has plans for everyone..."
                                                                                       Guess i was Plan B.

If honesty is the best policy, then what is LIC

"A sweater is usually put on a child,
                               when the parent feels chilly"

"A tear can say more than a hundred spoken words,
                                             but a single word can make you shed a million tears..."


" A tree never attacks a car, except in self defence"

"Why is the grass always greener on the other side,
                                                       when dry grass can get you stoned..."

In an advertising agency, why is it always,
"There must be a better way of doing it Vs This is the way it has always been done here"