Thursday, October 28, 2010

Non-Alcoholic, 1st Time...

I dunno what to say,
Probably becoz,  For the 1st time,  the fallen hero is blogging Undrunk..!!

They say, alcohol gets out the tiger inside you..
But chronic Alcoholism gets out the soft side of the fallen hero…
Like a cat on a hot tin roof. Dingling n babbling.
An empty vessel making a lot of loud noise.
But this vessel was not always empty…

Started a couple of years back,
Slowly slowly, one by one the drops started drying up…
Some drops dried up on purpose,
Some self dried up, all alone by themselves,
But most of them were Dried up by others….
They couldn’t see me full, Could they..??
People ask questions.
Why the fuck do people ask questions…??

Then… there was some more drying up of the drops inside the Fallen hero’s vessel…
Until when,  where there were just a few drops left…
and that’s when the fallen hero fills it up again….
With alcohol. Period.

"Rather have a vessel filled with alcohol,
                                          than be an empty vessel"

Making loud noise…
If loud noise is what you want to make, rather make it on a full vessel…
Then people might say,

"Full vessels make a lot of noise…"

Vessels full of energy, full of power, full of optimism,
full of positivity, full of life and confidence….
Excuse me…

I rather stick to being an empty vessel…
Please fill me with alcohol…

99% is in my blood, let there be atleast 1% alcohol…
The fallen hero….

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Old Monk took over Dsp Black

11th August 2010 (some time very late, somewhere completely drunk)
Today, On this date, Old monk (XXX Rum) took over Dsp Black (Regular Whiskey)

11th August 1983
Exactly 27 years ago, on this same day, The girl who took over me, was born.

There was no special reason to drink tonite…Nowadays, i don't need reasons to drink.
I  had just returned from a chronically alcoholic weekend.
Being the first day of the week today, was just heading towards the train station after an hectic day at the office when i met an old school friend, cigarettes were lit, the same old crowded train discussion, the same old "what's new" inquisitiveness and the same old alcoholically oriented  question...
“ any plan..??”

We finished the peace pipe, He started his  bike,
with me behind as a pilion and the plan began.

"Old monk quarter, thums up 500ml…" Our 1st order.

Times change, cicumstances change, needs change and with time,
I started forgetting you...
But I also forgot myself somewhere along the way…
Somewhere along the way, I had stopped. Ceased to exist.
99% was not in my blood, it had become my blood.
And just there I had stayed all these years like in a cocoon. Had made a protective shell around myself. Living in a dream. A dream in which I was the hero.
But here, I was all alone. There was no space for anyone else.
Or rather no-one wanted to take that space, atleast that’s what I felt and kept saying myself.
There was space... but I alone was occupying up all of it.
Fearing that if I share my space to anyone else...
Sooner or later that person would take over me and one day leave…
Just the way you left…. Giving me all the space I required…
Atleast I thought I required….

" Everybody needs space. uh... umm.. shall we repeat the order",  my school friend asked. "Another Old Monk quarter, thums up 500ml",  I repeated the order.

Habits die, feelings die, people die….. and things are taken over by other things.

"Extinction preceeds evolution"

When we get something new, it shines in the sun. We wear sun glasses, and behind the glasses, We smirk. We are proud of our new possession. And we feel the urge to flaunt it, care for it and love it. Be the possession be a new bike, a new house, a new watch, a new job,a new pair of sun-glasses or even a new girlfriend.
You were my first girl-friend and i didn't even have a pair of sunglasses then.
But i did love my possessions and you were my most prized possession.
I did love you from the first day itself. That's the reason i had proposed to you...
Remember, You probably will not..!!
However, with time, things get old and rusty. They get boring and start nagging.
Sex isn't all that great either... you get the point.
And that's when our heads start turning towards other new things.
Other things which are better...
Now, these new things are all the more convenient, effective, beautiful, understanding and definitely more caring, and most of all cheap…

"Hey what time is it...??", i asked him.
He was intently listening to every word coming out of my mouth, his ears were probably working even harder than his mouth which was gulping down the old monk thums up kick fuckin ass combination, and now probably he was hungry. Hungry for food and more food for thought.
"Forget the time,  but how can it be cheap..??" he asked.
I'll explain, shall we repeat the order" , i asked him
"Ek Old Monk quarter, ek thumb up 500 ml, ek plate chakli aur green chatni", he ordered our third round.

Cheap, what cheap..?? love is not cheap and girls are definitely not cheap.
Oh yes they are...!!
 I mean boys are the cheapest. If we have a cheapest among the sexes competition.
Then we boys will win without any comptition from girls.
But even girls are cheap. A girl walking on the street looks at a girl riding pilion on a bike, who looks at a girl sitting in a small car, who looks at a girl sitting in a big car, so on and so forth.
Girls are cheap. Period.

I fucked it up didn’t i….
Such a beautiful way of unveiling a tale and such a cheap end, Afterall.
Our chronicles usually have a cheap end…
Atleast the fallen hero does..

So here's my chronicle
She took over me in 1998
Left me in 2004
I took over myself in 2005
Took white mischief in 2006
Took DSP Black in 2008
And DSP Black was taken over by Old monk in 2010

Exactly on her birthday…11th August.
Happy birthday…

"Shall order some more old monk.
Another Old Monk quarter and thums up 500ml... and make it quick...!!".

Cheers to taking over... cheers to Old Monk...!!
The fallen hero
99% is in my blood

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fallenisms : October 2010

Fallenisms is a completely non original piece of dark side of the human satire or otherwise. Copied, ripped, pirated, flicked, translated, hacked, derived, assumed and imitated short takes on life through the eyes of the fallen hero…
Fallenisms now in it's 3rd month, but i still retain my take...!!
Nothing is original, Not even me.
Atleast that’s what i tell myself month on month ...
                                                                                               -- The fallen hero

"Some days you are just a statue 
            but some days you are the pigeon" 

"If grass is greener on the other side, 
Great, let's go there & smoke-up"

Suicide is the most sincere form of self-criticism

 "The universe is just a waste of space"

A poor man is nothing but a rich man without money.

"There are two different types of people in the world, those who finish what they start and..."

"Reality is a hallucination you will get... 
                                          ...due to lack of alcohol"

"Professionals are predictable,
It's the amateurs that are dangerous"

"When i speak the truth, it sounds like some foreign language..."