Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ex-Girlfriend Vs Facebook Friend

Once there was a Girl who felt insecure about her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend
whom she was often compared to...
Obviously, The ex-girlfriend is more talented than her,
Maybe even better looking..!!!

Then one night, this girl asked her boyfriend, "She's everything that you've been dreaming of.
Why did you let your ex-girlfriend go?"

Her boyfriend simply smiled, kissed her & said:
"YES, she's everything I've been
dreaming of her but you're everything I've been Praying for.."

Morale of the story:
I may want to sleep with katrina kaif but that does not mean that i don't love my bebby.
Bebby always 1st.



  1. I gues d girl realy loves u. Budy. May ur d one 4 her..

  2. Maybe, Maybe not. Maybe i really am the one. Maybe i am no one. You cannot love the fallenhero. There is nothing beyond just a name. Thefallenhero is just a belief. An experience of living and taking it all up and falling down even further while calling it life. It's difficult to live with me but trust me.... i am doing it since a long time and it's worth every second of it.. Do enjoy reading my blog...