Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have the answer...

It's been a long fuckin time.
My previous post was on 8th October last year.
It's been four months since i have spoken to you...
Couldn't keep in touch, since then i have been busy... really fuckin busy.

Busy for 4 months...??
Big preparations, great presentations, hard decisions, tight deadlines...
Hard targets, subtle messaging... English layouts, Indian clients...
Late night working, Late night drinking
Early morning drinking again and late morning sleeping
Reporting late to work, it's a vicious circle and
what did i get in the end.... Salary-Cut.

It's not easy being a 28yr old handling a million dollar baby...
Churning out creatives, Handling finances,
Skipping lunch, Doubling productivity
Cutting costs and buying dual packets of benson lights instead.
Getting killed again & again and still going for the kill each passing moment,
With both my bebby's bumped. It's tough to even grin.
I can still manage to make you laugh.

Trying being me...
It just takes some balls and a simple logic to be me.
I simply think...
Luck favours those, who help themselves.
Bad-luck never bothered me,
I keep it simple, I help others... Simple isn't it.
You don't have to think so much...
Just keep it simple. Do a Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on me...
"Try to help other's without expecting anything in return and 
without getting emotional or compromising on what's in your general interest"
That's the fuckin answer. That's the fuckin solution.
You would have believed it if The Mahatma would have said it.... wouldn't you...??
Think about it.

And the question...
Bad-luck was angry at me since October last year.
The pop of one question occurred , unusually significantly frequently...
"When are you going to get married...??"

Comprehending the tone of voice here...
This is definitely not a question asked by a girl who desperately wants to get married to any guy who desperately does not want to get into a serious relationship at this point in time.
Here's what she is more likely to ask...
When are we going to get married means (WTF do i have to wait forever)
Are we going to get married means (Look motherfucker... i have better options ...ok)
Have we fallen in love (this shit smells of cancer...)
We have to think about future means
( Hurry up motherfucker... are you gonna take up whole day...)
You love me naa... Jaanu...(Look, i am not sure. Look,  if you do then i do. Look, if you don't then i don't Look, a fuckin flyin butterfly)

I do not see a future ahead with you means.....
No wait.. this shit smells familiar.. (sniffing..)
This is not a question at all.. it's a judgement
A judgement given by a slut travelling by bus, who dreams of one day travelling in a ferrari,
has just set her eyes on a guy driving a honda civic.
This particular judgement given by the slut is for a guy she has been seeing since like fuckin forever, Coincidentally, he drives one of my banged bebby's nowadays.

So when are you going to get married...??
This question is usually asked by a person who either really cares for you
or really cares a shit about you.
In my case, often it has come from a person who has really cared about me all these years.
I don't mind questions. I love answering tough questions.
Enigma's, Mysteries, Riddles, Puzzles, Conundrums.
I have been solving problems (others & more often self-made though mine) for so long...
That i feel i understand problems.
We have a mutual understanding with each other.
We keep out of each other's way. No questions asked...!!
And speaking of questions, i have the answer.
I have the fuckin answer to it.
I took me four months of my life to figure that out. But atleast i know it now
And now i am sure that i am never gonna waste another minute from here on...
But do you have a question ready...??

So what is the answer...
What is life, why are we on this earth, what is our purpose of existence... Bah boring.
Would you be interested in knowing the answers to these silly useless questions.
We are what we are and we will be what we make of it.
That's the answer. Simple.Periods.
I need that, my other bebby is banged to...

Let's try this...
Suppose you were human and i were the one who could answer one question.
Any question. Ask anything. Anything about anything under the fuckin sun.
I will give you an answer, One true answer...
Believe it. Don't trust me. what is the harm in trying.
I am not asking for anything in return. or am i...?? Now, that's my question.

I have the fuckin answer.
I may be politically incorrect, my ways might be not right,
My solutions may be unthinkable...
But i have the fuckin answer.
But do you have your fuckin question ready...??

Back from my break...
And oh yes, about my 4 month break from nonsensical blogging.
I was busy in some other important nonsense of mine.

This is straight from a 28yr old guy comfortably living
completely in consistent control of my actions & decisions.
I love my drinks. I enjoy each & every one of them. But i never mix my drinks.
I decide, order, make, drink, burp, pay, tip & leave on a priority basis.
I drink to live, i don't live to drink and i never ever mix my drinks...
And now i am back to my favorite drink...
My passion, what i love doing and will continue to do for the rest of my life...

When i realised it...
This incident happened a couple of years back, i was working as a deputy manager for investment banking at a multinational bank. This was much before i jumped the advertising bandwagon.
Had a great job. Six figure package. Great life and only 24 yrs old then...
I woke up one thursday morning and my dad said,
"Buddy, life is very simple. Here are two questions, get the answers to these two questions in your life... You will be sorted forever..."

I dunno why he said that, i didn't even get it then.
It took me a long time to understand his two questions.
(The two questions... coming next on my blog soon)

It's been about three and a half years now.
Countless sleepless nights. Innumerable permutations & combinations.

I thank all of you, who have stood by me all these years and
Without whose help i would have never figured out the answer...
Thank you.... but what about the question.

When are you going to get married...??
I have the answer,
"I am mentally not matured enough to take such a huge step and enter into a responsible social institution such as marriage at this point in time... 
but as soon as i am ready, i shall let you know."
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7. You are not my type
8. I are too good for me
9. I am not your type. You don't know it but i know.
10. You were too good for an arsehole like me.
11. I have already spoiled a life. I know my potential. I do not want to spoil another one...
and of course my personal favorite, 
"Why bring the cow home, when processed milk is readily available outside..."

I think i am back... do you...??
I think i have answered your first question here,
Anything else i can help you with...

Ready since 1998,
Waiting since 2003,
Falling consistently since August 2010...
                                                             - thefallenhero


  1. awesum post... loved it, specially the saying of the cow...

  2. Thank you very much. Some appreciation after a long time is always highly appreciated.Your comments help me fall better... :)

  3. An experienced bloggerThu Feb 16, 06:34:00 PM

    Marriage is a beautiful institution and it should not be punned down by people afraid of commitments especially like you. However hard you try to, you will not get an audience unless you change your views or write something which common people can relate to...

  4. I am not going to change.Period.
    I re-iterate, A hero is a person everyone dreams of becoming one day. But then, what about those, who couldn't make it.... THIS BLOG'S STRICTLY FOR THEM. For all those unfulfilled, half baked, trashed, ridiculed and humiliated heroes... The fallen hero... 99% is still very much in my blood.

  5. An hon hee mhaasSun Feb 19, 02:42:00 PM

    Nice post,i feel you should get married now before you fall any further and who is your fallenheroine.

  6. Now someone is asking questions. It took three years of blogging for someone to actually ask me a question which hurts. An hon hee mhaas... you are goin up with me.