Monday, March 19, 2012

Thefallenhero Podcast - 001 (18-03-2012)

This is my House...

It's really simple.
I just love house music. Especially the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Richard Durand, David Guetta, Judge Jules, Tiesto etc...
So, this sunday i had some free time & i thought of mixing a couple of my favourite tracks and made my first ever podcast by mixing a couple of their tracks. Nothing original here, just a selection of the best house music from my personal collection mixed into one giant house track.

Next, i uploaded it on a website called
Then with a little bit of html scripting and a lot of google'ing' i started the live streaming of my podcast which you can enjoy anytime by just visiting my blog.
Thefallenhero Podcast player is right at the top on the browser.

With technological advancements even an amateur house music buff like me can start his very own podcast.
It's really simple & a lot of fun..

Thefallenhero Podcast - 001 (18-03-2012) is here....
So sit back, relax & light the peace-pipe. The trip is about to begin...

I intend to make Thefallenhero Podcast a regular feature
 any suggestions / feedback are greatly welcome... 


  1. awesome track. who is the original artist.

  2. The link is not working... :((

  3. good house music. has should try noticed there is a sudden change in ur voice. where's the old fallenhero ? wheres the good old abusive sarcastic pov mate ?