Friday, March 4, 2011

Fallenisms : March 2011

Fallenisms is a completely non original piece of dark side of the human satire or otherwise. Copied, ripped, pirated, flicked, translated, hacked, derived, assumed and imitated short takes on life through the eyes of the fallen hero…
Fallenisms now in it's 7th month, 7 being a lucky number, i will try to give Fallenisms : March 2011 a new positive approach... maybe an optimistic outlook, or even better, maybe i will not. I will keep it as it is. Because nothing is original, Not even me. Not even my ideology. Not even my mere existence. Atleast that’s what i tell myself month on month...                                                                                                  
                                                                                                     -- The fallen hero

I was born this way.
             But mom says "Not to worry, god has plans for everyone..."
                                                                                       Guess i was Plan B.

If honesty is the best policy, then what is LIC

"A sweater is usually put on a child,
                               when the parent feels chilly"

"A tear can say more than a hundred spoken words,
                                             but a single word can make you shed a million tears..."


" A tree never attacks a car, except in self defence"

"Why is the grass always greener on the other side,
                                                       when dry grass can get you stoned..."

In an advertising agency, why is it always,
"There must be a better way of doing it Vs This is the way it has always been done here"

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  1. nancy keith-malcolmSun May 01, 11:54:00 PM

    just awesome, i think most of them are original or old ones reworked typical underdog style of thefallenhero. keep up with the fallenisms.