Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The short skirt story...

Yuh toh mere nazaron se kuch chooktah na tha,
Yuh toh mere nazaroon se kuch chooktah na tha.
Phir kaise yeh maal maarke, maal ke nashe main, maal hi haath se nikal gaya...
Aisa nasha that ki short skirt bhi na dikhaa,
Aisa nasha tha ki short skirt bhi naa dikhaa...

Aap aaye, batlaye, ek jhalak dikha kar, gaadi ka darwaza patak ke, chal diye...
ek ek kar ke saare dosth khatam ho gaye, bas ab kuch hi baaki the...,
Mujhe laga ki yeh kissey bhi khatam ho gaye,
ek baat bolunga cheetey, "baal baal bachch gaye..."

Nau may ka woh din tha,
Sooraj, chaand aur taare
what the fuck, ek lag rahe the saare
aisa na tha ki "zhindaaghi khatamh ho ghayee.."
par aisa laga ki kuch alag tha... kuch kum tha...
Saala maal marke, maal ke nashe main, maal hi haath se nikal gaya..
aisa nasha tha ki short skirt bhi naa dikhaa...
Aaj baat kar ke thoda achcha laga...
Aapka andaaz thoda.... sachcha laga.

Did i sound a bit senti up there,
shall cut the short skirt shorter here,
will not get caught again, just got caught dead.
you know i have a lot of international followers
who will not understand jack shit of what i just said.

But then this is not for everyone
dedicated to a very different person, maybe a special someone
remember that thing about 100% attention,
when we fight, when we argue, squabble and in an ego tussle,
kitchies and huggies shall have total immunisation...

Been over 5 years now, but i think i know you only since last 3 days...
a good friend can help in many ways,
for most of us here, life has been hell
you made me realise that i need to break this shell..

The shell may or may not go, but i wish you will stay,
we may or may never come closer or be near..
ok then, we finished the third pitcher...
can you order some more beer...!!!

Warm Regards,
100% for life, 10% after death, 
0% in commitment, 99% till my last breath.

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