Friday, August 20, 2010

It's where it all started...

99% is in my blood.

I have this dream, it may be true…
But after all life is a dream… and for some it does comes true.
Probably even for me…but not for the fallen hero.

I am on a mountain.
Beautiful and serene, lush green with the aroma of freedom.
It was tough getting up here.
Beat all odds to reach here on top. Now, enjoying every breath of it.
Oblivious to what I had left behind, much below.
There is great turmoil below. politics galore. Good vs bad. Innocent vs the guilty.
That’s when I first looked down.
Realizing what I had left behind, realizing where I had come from, realizing that there were innocent people below with their arms stretched upwards, looking up to me. Looking up to be where I was.
At that moment, i was like their savior.
It was me who could save the innocent from being overpowered by the guilty.
The hands stretched upwards for help. Help from the guilty, help from the person who had made the innocent guilty and had given the guilty the power to overpower the innocent.
Help is all they asked for, one by one before they succumbed to the guilty.
Help is what I wanted to give; I had to stop it somewhere. I had to put an end to this misery.
How difficult is it when you are up there and have the power to bring them up to you
or leave them down there.
I left them… down there….

One last time, they asked for my help…. I didn’t

The fallen hero…
99% is in my blood….

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