Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fallenisms : August 2010

Fallenisms is a completely non original piece of dark side of the human satire or otherwise. Copied, ripped, pirated, flicked, translated, hacked, derived, assumed and imitated short takes on life through the eyes of the fallen hero…
Nothing is original, Not even me,
Atleast that’s what I tell myself…
                                                             -- The fallen hero

"I am a joker, most men play with two balls,
                                       i juggle with three..."

 "Fighting for peace is like fucking to get back virginity"

                 "Rarely does a loose woman
                                                   have a tight pussy"

                               An I for an I means that there is only me…

     "Jiska Baap Ek Uski Baat Ek..."

"Commitment is not an answer to a successful relationship,
                                          it’s the question, the answer is NO"


  1. There's an encrypted message on this blog.
    and there's a picture to it too...
    Sandy, if you figure this out, you will figure out the answer to your question too...

  2. five months passed.
    Have you figured it out yet...
    did u get lost or did you give up
    did you follow or did u just threw up.

    99% is in my blood