Sunday, September 5, 2010

Agenda : Yours, Theirs & Mine...

187.5ml of DSP black down, Felt nice, a little tipsy, but felt really good
and then it happened...
Aaj maine socha… ki hindi main bolu…Achcha laga, and why not…?? Kyun nahi…
Aaj maine desi daru pi hain…?? Agar aisa aapko lagta hain.. Toh aap bilkul galat hain…
Abhi Abhi, Paanch minute pehle mujhme BHARTIYAPAN ( hindi pun intented) jaaga hain…
kyunki aaj Mujhme ek  bhartiya bhoot prakat hua hain…
Main bhartiya bhoot,  maa ki chooth (phew).

Our cops didn't even get his name right in the first place..!!
Will complete two years soon, and still the case goes on...
The news read as
"The trial of Kasab : The lone surviving gun-man from the Mumbai attacks killing 166 people"
Lone surviving gun-man.... maa ki chooth...!!

Kasab was charged with 86 offences, including murder and waging war on India,
In a trial in which the prosecution planned to produce more than 1,800 witnesses
and 750 pieces of evidence.
All this happened 2 years ago. Today... Nothing.
Below is the list of that basterds name as appeared in the media
Ajmal Kasab, Azam Amir Kasav, Ajmal Qasab, Ajmal Amir Kamal, Ajmal Amir Kasab, Azam Ameer Qasab, Mohammad Ajmal Qasam, Ajmal Mohammed Amir Kasab, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasarb, Amjad Amir Kamaal, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab
and the list goes on and on... but do we even care to remember...
The names of the 3 top-cops who died that day..??
No. No we don't, not because we don't care,
But because media didn't hammer it in our brain-dead heads... again and again.
But we remember Kasab. because media did just that... Hammering the brain-dead head.

One boy, so many names, seems like some juvenile magician... and Kasab truly is one
killing more than 150 indians, on indian soil and is still alive on indian soil,
Perfectly fit and fine in indian police custody...!!

The indian government is spending about 8.5 lakhs per day, to keep him alive.
That is almost more than 60 crores so far and still counting.
Living in a third world poor country with issues like dowry, sati and farmer suicides.
I, The fallenhero, have a take on this... A Personal Agenda. A Propoganda.

Fuck kasab…
Fuck terrorism and all those promote it
Fuck all those powerful pople who oppose it and do nothing about it
Fuck  all those weak people who light candles mourning all the lost lives….
Fuck all the remaining people for watching this shit live on tv
Fuck all the media who covers the event
Fuck all the tv channels who telecast it live
Fuck the 72 Virgins
Fuck all of us for causing this situation, in the first place. Period.

It's not that i am a pro-fucking guy.  This is my agenda.... in black and white
Par yeh sab hamara kiya karaya hain...
So basically, Fuck me...
Hey, but i am the one who always gets fucked, from the front, from the back, both ways, any which ways.
I am the original, ekdum one 100% ... aapka apna The fallen hero.

I am not sad about it, a little annoyed, but definitely not crying.
Definitely not standing in the rain with candles lit for the dead.
The rain extinguishes the dim flame, extinguishing with it the hope of peace.
Then the next day people get angry, they agitate, hold demonstrations, morcha, mumbai bandh... They are the fighters for peace....

"Fighting for peace is like fucking to get back virginity..."

Arre chootiyo, that is exactly what they want...
They want  all of us to fight, so that one by one all of us die....
and they win...
Win back whatever the fuck they want.... if they know it in the first place that is.
This is their agenda..!!

Media Coverage.... let's not even get into that...!!
Hundreds of people dying of starvation, young girls forced into prostitution... etc etc..
Nobody cares a fuck...!!
Kasab wants to eat bakra for eid... and it's on the front page...!!

With so many smart assholes all around us, farting, shitting, babbling, dabbling and debating, having innumerable conversations on this topic and still no solution.
So many articles, views, blogs on this shit and still nobody knows a solution to it.
And still then, this fallen hero here, writes about the age-old problem of terrorism..,again.
Am i a dumb asshole, Probably i am drunk.
Drunk big time, sloshed, bamboozled.
Drunk in hindi. Drunk in my mother tongue.
Probably i am not...
But definitely i feel for my country, for all the innocent people who lost their lives.
But i just fell sorry, annoyed, dejected and am not gonna do anything about it,
And that's exactly what is getting me all fucked up in my head and hence, i write again...

I know that after this take of mine….

The fallen hero : plunge 
(that's the title of my new book and be aware, there will be some new shit in it too)

This book will never release…
But after all I never anticipated to release this book…
I am an underdog… remember… The fallen hero…
Everyone wants to see and hear about the hero..
Nobody wants to hear about a loser…
Not saying that i am a loser… but just a fallen hero…
My country India, with a population crossing a whopping 1.2 Billion
There are millions like me in this country. millions of fallen heroes...
And if each one of you , just buy a single copy of this book…
I am a millionaire already….
Something which I have not achieved already….
I am fuckin lying….
I promised myself that I will not lie here… Not atleast in this blog.

"For you it's just a blog, for me it's my life..."

My life has been all about lies….
I made it all up…
That’s all I can make up…Lies…
I made up all these stories..What The Fuck… Why am I lying here..??
I made all the stories…I open my mouth and there's a lie, ready to be spit out..!!
I am even lying here…. About what I'm stating that I am lying….
But I never lied to you….I never lied….
I never lied tonight…. I meant it….
What The Fuck… whenever drunk… the true me comes out…
I am at loss of words here…. B’coz yeh baat mere dil ki baat hain…

Samjho in baton ko…. Aur isse khareedo… buy the book..!!

What the fuck am i doing..??  what point am i trying to make here..??
It started with me getting drunk as usual, then me getting inspired by my country and blogging in hindi, then kasab, terorism, how terrorism is fucked, how everybody is fucked, how everybody is fucking my country, people with dim lit candles in rain remembering the lost ones, my hate for the media, my love for the country, my book, pleading all the fallen heroes to buy my book, my addiction to lies, pleading all of you to buy my book and then forgeting everything as if everything is back to normal again.

Get the point.
Everyone has an agenda, for personal gratification.
Atleast i have the balls to put mine in black and white...

What's your agenda..??

Think about it...
Take care n good night...sleep tight.
Will Rise tommorrow,
but as for now, just The fallen hero.

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