Sunday, September 19, 2010

Relevance to Reality : September 2010

Somewhere deep under water...

This is my first post on "Relevance to reality"
From now on, it will be a regular feature on this blog.
Relevance to reality will be posted once a month. every month.
(Mostly last Sunday of the month. please check the "what to expect this month" section)

Here, i will blog reality.
current issues, contemporary concerns
Some questions answered, some answers without any explainable questions.
Something by the youth, of the youth, for the youth.
Fuck the youth.
The GenNext wants to fuck you, fuck them before you get fucked.
A simple question.
Questions always kept me from progressing in school,
excelling in college and growing excelling and progressing altogether in life....
Basically becoming a hero. A hero, which everyone dreams of becoming one fine day...
One fuckin fine day, you wanna get up and have the answer all the fuckin questions.
Start here...
Why do people ask questions. That is your first question and your journey begins here...
Questions like...
what is  the meaning of life...?? why are we on this earth...??
Such questions never interested me. To shallow or maybe they were just too deep for me.
Maybe they were too big for me, maybe i was too big for my boots.
I have always cared two hoots... oh fuck... or shall i say oh fish.

When i was a kid, verbal abuses were a big taboo. We weren't permitted to say oh fuck,
It was considered very abusive.
Although, oh fish..! was allowed. This term "oh fish" was perfectly alright.
It didn't mean anything, maybe just a reference or rememberance to some fuckin fish.
Was verbally harmless and so..... oh fish remained...

I am a keen aquarist, i love keeping fish, breeding them, caring for them...
I also love eating them, they are delicious. Basically i love fish
I believe in The Maximum Utilisation of the Available Resources.
If i love 'em, i love 'em. If i have to use 'em, i will use 'em. Simple.
I am a Piscean.
Timid, Sweet, Slicky, Very Sippery & Very Cold-blooded.
Just like a fish. oh fish...!!
Even my Murder is like margarine, and my con is cute, Cute but Cold Blooded.
And i always manage to slip, As slippery as a fish.
I don't mind conning a cancer patient. As long as my art is appreciated.
The Art of Con.
They say you can't trust a Cat, a Lawyer, an ex-wife, a Boss, yourself..... and a fish.

I have had a couple of drinks tonite and a couple of fish tanks in my lifetime.
Gold-fish, flowerhorn, guppies, malawi cichilids, green terror, jewel chichilid,
Pakistani Loach, Ramarosie... had em all...!! had old monk thums up tonite
Angels and Discus..... hate them.. and i hate Fosters beer.
Too slow and majestic for me.
I need something real. Fuck Fosters beer.

One Real Question.
Ask this question to yourself, Alone.
I have been taking interviews since last 4 years and i am just 28 now.
28 running but  little tired now, becoming a little slow now.
Started a little young you see...!!
One fuckin question.

Would you be a rather be a big fish in a small pond
or a small fish in a big pond ?

A young boy, fresh out of college, big dreams, but one dilema, getting the first job...!!
His first break, his career cracker.
" you will not ever earn more than 4,000 per month as your first job"
" Arre, This is what Bsc third class graduates get. You should have done engineering..!!"
" You had all the chances in the world and you messed it up"
"You and only you are to be blamed for this"
"Clerk, clerk in a bank" , " Sales executive" , " " Medical representative"
This is what he had heard in the last three days since his board exams had finished.

"One lakh thirty four thousand a year without incentives....
With incentives you can earn upto four thousand more a month... but that depends....
on your performance"

These were the exact words he had heard after his first actual interview,
The interviewer said in a very soft and confident tone,
after the interview at Intelenet global services back in 2004.
He was asked this same question and since then this question had stayed with him.
"Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond ? "

"I would rather own the pond",  i had answered, back then.
A chance to be somewhere deep underwater, i chose to remain at the shore...

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