Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To die in a bomb blast...

There was a loud bang...
I opened my eyes , saw the time, it was 8 am.
My wife had already got up, she was in the kitchen and 
she had dropped the vessel down. 
Shit, 8am, already late for work...

I got up, got dressed, got ready, got out, got in the auto, 
got the train, got to work, late again.
Got work, got hungry, got food, got some more work. got a little hungry again, 
got tea and got some biscuits. Got bored, got out of work, got down, 
got to the station, got a train and ...Boom..!!

There was a loud bang, 
i opened my eyes, i was asleep again.
Maybe it was a dream, saw that it was 8 am.
My wife had dropped a big vessel in the kitchen. Shit, and it is a holiday.
So as usual, I went back to sleep again.

There was a loud bang, 
i opened my eyes
I got up, felt really hungry, ate a lot, didn't do much stuff. Just lazed around.
Had a late lunch around 4ourish and went back to sleep...

There was a loud bang around 7. 
I got up and watched in horror...  on national television.

Serial blasts struck Mumbai this evening, less than three years after the 26/11 terrorist attacks of 2008. The three blasts, in sequence, were timed at 6.30 pm, 6.45 pm, and 7 pm IST, and targeted in that order Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and the Kabutarkhana area of Dadar West. Zaveri Bazaar, centre of the jewelry industry, is adjacent the iconic Mumbadevi temple from which the city derives its name; both Zaveri Bazaar and Kabutarkhana were also targeted in the 1993 serial blasts.

A team of NIA officials, forensics experts and anti-terrorist operatives are en route to Bombay on a BSF special plane; an NSG unit is on standby on the ground. Home Minister P Chidambaram has chaired a meeting of senior Cabinet ministers and officials while Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan is coordinating relief and rescue operations on the ground.

The city, which has witnessed multiple acts of terrorism over the years, has been reacting with abnormal calm; citizens have been providing help and shelter to those in need with offers of help flooding social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Is Mumbai sleeping or is it getting used to sleep all the time.
Are we got gonna get angry, agitate, investigate, 
interrogate, speculate and then what...
What are we gonna do next...?
Does anyone have a plan.
The problem is that everyone has a plan but nobody is going to execute it except
the terrorists who execute all of their plans with skill and precision.
How come they never fail, how come we always lose. I am fed up of this.
Don't even think of asking me questions like, 
"what have you done to ensure that this does not happen" , 
"How have you contributed to making the city safe" , 
" What have you done"

"Atleast I pay my taxes on time", i replied and went back to sleep...

Warm Regards,

"I, personally, deeply regret the great loss of life and property incurred due to the blasts and every other such inhuman incidents all around the world and firmly believe that all those involved in these ghastly incidents should be booked by the law and let the justice prevail".


  1. See buddy..The whole irony is that we are like fuckin millipedes..We have mouths...mouths to eat free biryanis when its elections...mouths to shout ( yeah worms do technically have a voice )abuses tell tall tales about what should have been done when...but no hands to act....

    And P.S.....We also have a million legs to run away when our country is in deep shit!!!

  2. Fallenhero ki bolti bandh. Respect buddy