Thursday, December 2, 2010

When The Flush got mind F**ked...

It's been a long fuckin time.

Being completely drunk,
Right now....
all i am asking for is the liberty to have atlast some fuckin spelling mistakes... allowed...!!
I am not a fuckin spelling bee competition champion...!!
all i am asking for is some fuckin MERCY..!!

It's some place.... in life...
We always end up in shit.
it's not like wife, fiancee, girl-friend, fuckfriend...who gives us shit all the time,
but expects no bull-shit anytime.
There is no esscaping.... as Danny V always says.
Sitting in the cum-board... that;s ht they call it here though..!!

here we shit every fuckin time... One hundred percent.
Six Sigma, even better then the dabawallahs...
never in a six million , o we ever forget or miss it...!!
Toilet. Flush.
rememeber the bell. Aambrushhhhhhhhhhh.

the sound that clears all our shit.
Ctrl + Alt + Del.
end of story.....

"What if your bathroom flush is not working..??"


(when the bathroom flush dosent work, then all your shit just ...... remains.!! )
what do you do then...??

what do you do when...???
when the salary is not enough..??
when the house is not enough..??
when the life is not enough..??
Dh**ti... iamjusttypingthisshitjusttomakeapoint...remember.!!

i was supposed to post FALLENISMS - NOVEMBER - 2010,
in relevance to reality and all iam am left with is.... this fuckin post.
was gonna get int some deep shit philosopy now...... and my flush just fuckin stopped working.

99% is in my blood.

gotta stop this shit  before i crap in my pants.

to be continued...

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